Why Passion Matters

Nelson Mandela was laid to rest in Qunu this afternoon, ending a journey that transformed South Africa.  This passionate leader left a mark around the world.  As a tribute we wanted to share this well-known quote of his, showcasing the importance of passion.  Without passion there is no change or transformation; what hope can there be without passion?

Our Trip Around the World

We work with ministries and nonprofits, big and small.  Sometimes we have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the globe to help organizations first hand through high-quality photography, video footage, and understanding the mission to new depths.  This inevitably helps us package the message to audiences when we return back to the States, with renewed motivation and understanding.

Google Apps for Nonprofits!

Finally, top-end online services for nonprofits

Google Apps now offers communication, collaboration and publishing tools, including email accounts on your organization’s domain (like – at a discount for nonprofits.  With Google Apps, a nonprofit org can decrease its total cost of ownership and offer staff the very latest innovation from Google.  It’s quick and easy to get started even if a nonprofit or ministry doesn’t have a dedicated IT staff.

Why WordPress?

There are many options when it comes to Web Design Platforms these days, but WordPress is still our favorite.  It comes with an easy-to-use, built-in CMS (content management system), which is the most commonly used CMS in the World right now.  With over 11 million users, WordPress is clearly getting something right!  And we love providing their CMS to our nonprofit clients, because it’s 100% free to them.  This allows us to offer high-quality at a low-price, which is the driving force behind how we like to work.  Here’s a fun little infographic one of our web developers came across today and wanted to share ~

Our CEO Featured for 2013

We were proud to be featured in the 2013 ‘Spotlight’ by Venture Connects, one of the largest entrepreneurial networks in Chicago.  Our Founder was met with a series of interview questions and spoke on behalf of our team and mission.  Here are a few of the questions /answers from the Interview:

There’s No Place Like Chrome

Google Chrome Wins: “Battle of the Browsers: 2013”

All things considered, what’s the best browser out there that you should be using as your default search and web tool?

Google Chrome boasts top-notch speed, secure browsing and sync capabilities that allow you to access your customized browser from any device.  It is built for speed, and its secure, intuitive operation makes it the best internet browser hands down in our opinion.

Leveraging Your Skills to Make a Difference

We are all blessed with skills, relationships, and education (formally, or what we’ve learned throughout life).  What will you do with these blessings?  Who will they benefit?

The American capitalistic culture of “every man for himself” has left millions feeling empty, and wondering how to find a life of meaning.  How do you take your ordinary talents and use them for extraordinary purposes? Is it possible to turn a normal life into an amazing story?

Social Media’s Impact on Nonprofit Giving

Social Media has changed the way people give.  As nonprofit marketers, this has more than just holiday implications for us, but has become a year-round focus.  Check out this great article by Shaun King, founder of HopeMob, who says new avenues for generosity are changing.  How and when people donate time and money includes moving away from giving to anonymous charities and moving towards giving directly to people in need.