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Virtual Fundraising During COVID

We’ve all felt the effects of COVID-19 this year, and nonprofits are no different.

Not only are the end constituents that nonprofits serve in many cases being personally impacted, but the way in which nonprofits serve those individuals and communities has also shifted. Fundraising practices, cycles, and environments have also seen changes this year.

Black Lives Marketing

So many people are supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement following the events of this summer.

Some have now taped signs into their home windows or business windows that are visible from the street, some are passing out pins to support the message, sporting “witness wear” (swag like tee shirts and ball caps), and some are posting statements on web or social media accounts.

While this is all well-meaning, it’s not Black Lives Matter. It’s Black Lives Marketing.

Work Smarter | Not Harder

Sometimes working harder doesn’t necessarily mean being more productive with better results. We may need to reflect on why. Could taking time to reflect on our day, our work, and on our lives boost our overall effectiveness. What are some other ways we can become more productive?

Researchers at Harvard Business School, have found that taking time out of your day to reflect, can boost productivity by nearly 25%!

The old adage may ring true, “work smarter, not harder”.

International Women’s Day


There are a few people in our lives we should consider celebrating today. People around us who have impacted our lives in one way or another. Women, who have shaped our education, work, and home lives.

Because today is International Women’s Day!

Top 5 Free Apps for Nonprofits

We all use them to keep creativity, organization, and sanity in our lives:


But if you’re an employee or volunteer at a church or nonprofit, what apps are the best for your everyday to-dos at work? What apps will help you run efficiently? Spread your ministry effectively? Grow your capacity exponentially?

Don’t you worry. We have you covered–here are our top 5 favorite and most recommended apps for church and nonprofit clients:

How to Make More / SPACE / in Life

Have you made space yet this year? It’s not too late!

Just the thought of it is appealing: Space.

Thinking of creating “more space” in your worklife may provoke dreams of no work at all, or a vacation, or sitting at a cafe with a nice cup of tea while you plug away on your laptop. There can be time for all of those things, yet it’s easy to make space during those times we set aside. What does it look like in the day-to-day, M-F, to carve out time for yourself, your family, your work, and those around you?

Why Selling is No Longer Relevant

Back in the day, selling was important. Sales were important. It was not uncommon to finish school and get a sales job. In fact there was even a popular book, movie, and television show called “Death of a Salesman” featuring Willy Loman, a salesman living in New York City during the late 1940’s which won the Pulitzer prize, Emmys, etc.

But what is sales anyway?

5 Marketing Trends to Watch

It’s a new year and a fresh start. Here are some tips on what we’ve noticed and anticipate will be trends to watch for!

  1. Mobile & Voice Search
    Mobile will no longer be the alternate way to access websites; instead it will become the primary way to access websites. Google is experimenting with making its index “mobile first” which means they will be looking at mobile content instead of desktop content when deciding how to rank search results. SEO experts will need to focus even more on the mobile experience than ever before. This also means that websites with a poor or nonexistent mobile experience may see a noticeable drop in search rankings.An additional SEO trend to watch for is Voice Search. Google Voice Search (or “Search by Voice”) is a Google product that allows users to simply speak into a mobile phone or computer to search the Internet. Voice Search is already improving and is one of the more popular technologies on the rise. We anticipate that as this technology grows, the need to optimize for spoken phrases will become even more critical.