National Puppy Day 2019

We love puppies at Luminate and are huge fans of all sorts of pets. And we’re especially excited today to celebrate them with everyone across the country! Because today, is National Puppy Day!

And there is no better way to celebrate puppies, than with photos of our own! Check out Designer, Kyler Johnson’s newest little puppy pal, Briggs!! Isn’t he just the cutest?! He is the most adorable little Miniature Goldendoodle! We’re so excited for Kyler and her new friend, but even more so since we get to cuddle and play with Mr. Briggs!!

Kyler + Briggs

National Puppy Day was started by Colleen Paige back in 2006. The holiday was created to focus on saving orphaned puppies and educating the public about puppy mills. It’s always sad seeing animals suffer and we’re big advocates of saving as many as we can.

Over 3 million animals are adopted from shelters each year. About half of those are dogs. And because around 40% of dog owners heard about their pet through word of mouth, it is important to get the word out. So join us in spreading the word on adopting from local shelters. We’re fond of perusing the Atlanta Humane Society’s website and encourage taking a minute to check it out for yourself.

We know we love sharing about our puppies, but we would love to hear more about yours! Drop us a story about or an image of your puppy pal in the comments below!

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