For over a decade, we have served nonprofits, churches, ministries, and passionate entrepreneurs with marketing excellence, providing them not only with an end result better than they typically hoped for, but an enjoyable and life-giving experience as well. When you choose our team you can rest assured you are in good hands, and that we will prayerfully serve you and your team with thoughtful recommendations rooted in best practice and years of experience, and also that we will focus all of our marketing efforts not only on the initiatives or campaigns themselves, but on your end results and overall goals.

No budget? No problem. Check out our blog for a list of featured free resources, specifically as it pertains to graphic design software such as Canva, social media services such as Sprout Social, and research tools such as the Google Keyword Planner.

Marketing Workshops

Workshops are one of our most popular offerings. There are 5 Strategic Workshop options: The Vision Workshop, Organizational Renaming, Strategy + Messaging, Marketing Planning, or Social Media Strategy​. A half-day with our team is $3,500 and a full-day with our team is $7,000. For any Workshop chosen there is the option for a $3,000 add-on takeaway deliverable: Marketing Plan​,​ Renaming Recommendations​,​ Messaging Outline​,​ Communications Plan​, or​ Social Media Plan.

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Research + Discovery

We offer 5 Strategic Audits which all include a presentation by our Leadership: Market Research + Discovery, Materials + Channels + Messaging, Website + SEO, Website User Experience, and Social Media Personas + Channels. The investment for the 5-Audits Package is $8,000 or each Audit individually is billed at $2,500. The R+D 5-Audits Package is a great foundation for any marketing or strategic work, and crucial to gather necessary data for informed decision-making or prior to key upcoming changes.

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Branding + Design

Every Branding Experience includes 3 Creative Directions, all completely different in their approach. Within those Creative Directions are multiple fonts, colors, and logo options. Once a favorite is chosen, our team designs and exports dozens of file types to ensure you have all you need for the future. This full process is $5,000 and can be paired with an add-on Brand Standards Guide for $2,500 or a discounted half-day Workshop at $2,500.​ Websites are $6,500 not including development costs.

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Social Media Management

Social Media is one of our most highly requested services. Our team has a proprietary and truly comprehensive, results-focused social media offering across both organic (content writing, excellent image design, hashtag research, and percentage posting by goal) and paid (Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Facebook). All social engagements include monthly reporting and a presentation by our team, starting at $2,000 per month not including ad spend.

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SEO + Google Ads

As a Certified Google and Google Ad Grant Partner, we are one of only a handful of agencies worldwide chosen by Google to join their Google Certified Professionals Community. Our Google Search Director reports directly to Google and follows strict guidelines of excellence. When it comes to SEO, Google Ads, Google Display, YouTube Ads, and the Google Ad Grant, you are truly in trusted hands. Starting at $1,500 per month.

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Monthly Retainers

We offer 8 monthly retainer options: Strategy + Messaging, Strategy + Design, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, SEO, Google Ad Grant (or Ads) Management, and Outsourced Marketing Team (most popular). All monthly retainer services start at $1,500 per month. Retainers allow for us to support a short-term or long-term partnership as an extension of your internal team.

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We offer services across the areas of strategy, messaging, content, marketing plans, strategic roadmaps, communication plans, social media calendars, branding, design, brand standards guides, website wireframes and site architecture maps, website page design, email strategy and design, search engine optimization, audits and workshops, videos, motion graphics, and Google Ads.

Because that is a lot to sift through, we’ve broken our services down into the above 6 categories for your convenience: Marketing Workshops, Research and Discovery (including Audits), Branding and Design, Social Media Management (including Social Advertising), SEO and Google Ads (including the Google Ad Grant), and Video and Motion Graphics.

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