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Problem & Solution

Adventures in Missions is a faith-based nonprofit mission trip organization. This nonprofit is unique because it offers short term as well as long term international mission trips, their flagship mission trip being the World Race, an 11-month mission trip where individuals travel to 11 different countries during that time.

The Adventures in Missions Leadership Team needed to increase exposure and brand awareness through Google AdWords and utilize their ad spend more efficiently.

We took time to clearly understand the clients goals with regards to Google AdWords which we then used to cleanup and restructure the existing paid AdWords account. We also informed the client on their ability to receive the Ad Grant, and then went through the process of applying for the grant and setting up the additional AdWords account to be used specifically for the Ad Grant. Top accomplishments for this client included setting up the existing paid AdWords account to perform better and use the ad spend more effectively.

We also secured the $10K/month Google Ad Grant, $120K/year, as well as made it possible for them to utilize multiple domains for the grant, which is only allowed under certain circumstances.

Results in a whole new light

Annual Click Increase
Increased Impressions Annually
Annual Conversion Increase
CTR Increase
Lower Cost Spent
As our ministry decided to jump more fully into utilizing Google Ads, Luminate Marketing did a great job helping us get on our feet. They applied for and attained the Google Ad Grant for us, plus they gave us great customer service, and handled our accounts with excellence and integrity.
Marketing Manager, Adventures in Missions | The World Race
Nicole Ricketts
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