Annual Gala Fundraising

Great work for a great cause

Problem & Solution

Esperanza Community Services is an organization that supports kids and adults with developmental disabilities. Esperanza provides education, housing, employment opportunities, and skills to live as independently as possible. Like many nonprofits, this organization was doing great work everyday, but did not have an engaging or impactful way to communicate with existing and prospective donors.

After several strategy and donor messaging meetings, it became clear that what the Leadership Team really needed was a series of videos they could utilize at their annual benefit event, and throughout the year. Our team spent considerable time on-site at the school, in the homes of kids and adults, and even at students’ places of employment to gather many hours of great footage. A series of videos was born – which we’d later find out would raise more than double the fundraising record from any year prior!

Results in a whole new light

Raised at Annual Gala
Hours Filming + Editing
Videos in Series
Event Attendees
Kids + Adults Impacted
When we began working with Luminate, they presented us with one simple concept: 'if we connect our donors to the lives of the people we serve through video, we could re-energize donors and see an increase in their generosity.'

With that concept in mind, they produced four videos for us to show at our Annual Gala event. Thanks to Luminate, the result of this campaign was a 100% increase in net revenue over the prior year!
Executive Director, Esperanza Community Services
David Stupay
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