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GRIP Outreach for Youth is a nonprofit which addresses the fatherlessness issue of today. Through life-on-life mentorship, engaging youth programs, and even rap versions of the Bible, this organization fills roles in the lives of teens that parents are sometimes unable or unavailable to fill. Every year over 400 urban youth are served and mentored by this discipleship-focused nonprofit.

We partnered with the GRIP team to help plan, promote, and execute their Annual Fundraising Gala. As the GRIP team is very capable, our role was more to walk alongside them and provide additional support, rather than to completely lead the process. It was a pleasure serving this team and working toward tangible financial goals that would be necessary for the upcoming ministry year.

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When working with Luminate Marketing last year, the first thing I was struck by was the servant heart of Lynne. Her primary desire was to serve our organization’s needs and meet the vision for our demographic—even putting the organization above her own creative agenda. It’s comforting to know when working with a contractor that you can trust their character and trust their desire to work with your organization’s vision. It’s that type of comfort that you can find with Luminate Marketing.
Executive Director, GRIP Outreach For Youth
Scott Grzesiak
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