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Problem & Solution

Over thirty-two years in Peru, Latin Equip has seen believers in the nation grow from 3-5 percent, to over 20% of the population! Churches have grown exponentially, and the need for new leaders to be equipped for the work of the ministry is vast.

Equipping leaders is at the heart of what they do! Over the years, thousands of pastors, young leaders, and ministry staff have been trained, equipped, encouraged and challenged by the ministry of Latin Equip.  Luminate Marketing is contributing to their results.

Through their marketplace ministries conferences, thousands of business leaders have been equipped with Bible-based business best practices. Many of these business leaders have said after putting into practice what they had learned at the conferences, their businesses have grown 15, 20, even 30 percent!

Our goal at Luminate Marketing was to partner with Latin Equip to grow their engagement through marketing and their donor development in fundraising – 15, 20, even 30 percent as well!

Following the design and development of a Strategic Marketing Plan and other planning documents, Luminate Marketing created a new website, email template, and social media channels for Latin Equip.

Our team also was awarded the Google Ad Grant on their behalf and managed it for their leadership team.  SEO work was implemented into the new website once live, and we designed and developed a fundraising printed piece that was sent to donors.

Results in a whole new light

Tribes Impacted Annually
Thousand Across Churches
Countries Impacted
Global Leaders Trained
Annual Mission Trips
Luminate Marketing did more than just provide us with a beautiful, functional website. They partnered with us to create ideas and communicate our message in a relevant and effective manner.

We appreciate the relationship that we have built with the Luminate team, and their unique understanding of Latin Equip as a modern day mission outreach.

Luminate Marketing thank you...for everything.
Co-Director, Latin Equip
Shelly Hopkins
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