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First we supported Circle Urban Ministries through the Lift Performing Arts Program, and then when Paul Canada started his own organization, he immediately thought of us. We then created a website and video for his brand new organization, pouring life and love into a predominantly black neighborhood full of great kids.

Life on Life is a startup nonprofit, created out of the desire to impact lives of at-risk youth. This organization seeks to counteract inner-city youth becoming mere statistics of violence, drugs, gangs, and a poor education system. The leadership believes this is accomplished through life-on-life mentoring, athletics and acrobatics. We helped them share their heart and tell their story.

We became so personally invested, visiting their gyms and practice areas, hanging out with the kids, and fully immersing ourselves into the culture and mission of this organization to tell their story. An urban brand was built; colorful and vibrant, and full of life. A corresponding website and video was created, along with supplemental marketing materials and various campaigns.  

The final product was what we always aim to do for startups: a marketing package of tools that honored this great organization and set a foundational launchpad for exponential progress in the months and years to come.

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Luminate Marketing is great and does great work, and I was very impressed with the quality. In fact, several of our donors and supporters even made comments about the professionalism of our new website and videos.
Founder & Director, Life on Life
Paul Canada
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