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South Park Church approached Luminate Marketing as a warm referral, since they had heard of us from another client that we had served. One of the Deacons on the Leadership Team of the church was also an advocate for a well-known nonprofit that Luminate Marketing had served for years in downtown Chicago.

The church wanted us to help them inspire their congregation toward not only a lifestyle of generosity, but to a specific initiative that would bless families for years to come. The campaign focused around a Capital Campaign, and raising money for a new children’s area for the growing young families demographic.

We named the campaign “Unfinished,” and presented it to their church leadership team. We explained that God had already done so many incredible things in their midst, but the work was unfinished, as there was still much more to do. As we are all individually “unfinished” this side of heaven, so is the work of the Church. They loved it.

After sign-off we moved into the branding process, providing leadership with three distinctly different creative directions. Our intent and heart was to showcase the word ‘unfinished’ quite literally, and allow the word and the work to both clearly be on a journey and not yet complete.

Our team created a video to launch the campaign to the church, which included multiple hours of filming, interviews, B-roll footage, and even visiting the church on-site Sunday morning for a service to absorb their atmosphere. There was also a three-part video campaign to sustain momentum, so that every weekend a new video could be released as part of the overall series.

A printed booklet was created by our design team, allowing the church to go through a multi-week Bible study, rooted in God’s heart for children and for generosity, and to grow a sense of commitment from the congregation. Our team not only laid out this piece but contributed to content writing where possible, free of charge as a gift to the church.

The church now has grown, quite literally, into their new space, and we were honored to spread the light of their ministry.

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I'm thankful to Luminate Marketing for helping us raise support, but also for raising our awareness of what God is doing in our midst, and raising our expectations of what's to come.
Senior Pastor, South Park Church
Eric Flood
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