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St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Houston, TX is a thriving church community that cares not only about their congregation but the surrounding community. Inviting as many people as possible to the well-known Easter and Christmas Eve services was a great start for us to support their online marketing.

As the years progressed, and we created a multi-year partnership with this church, we began to notice that in their area the online searches for “prayer” and “I need prayer” and “prayer requests” were much higher than usual. That data helped us inform church leadership of a great way to be relevant in their community: provide prayer.

Through the installation of an online prayer wall and website prayer request form, the church was now able to leverage the Google Ad Grant to send traffic to a prayer-based landing page. This captured thousands of searches for prayer and allowed the church to make a relationship with people first through prayer, before even asking them to step inside the walls of a church.

Improving the Search Engine Optimization of the church website and redesigning the homepage was another major player in online success and results. Almost every month we were able to max out the Google Ad Grant at the $10,000 monthly ad spend through the prayer-related keywords, based on the monthly search volume!

Social Media played another key role in the marketing mix when we evaluate which indicators led to such an increase of relevant page traffic. We provided social media boosting recommendations, management, and advertising advice, as well as helped the church present a image that was honoring to tradition and also acknowledged younger demographics looking for a faith home.

Results in a Whole New Light

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Working with Luminate is a value-added proposition. Lynne and Matt have access to audience-broadening tools that produce, and yet work within the confines of a church budget. You want someone who speaks the language of faith to manage your promotion, and they live-and-breathe-Jesus. From working with the Google Grant, to producing great motion graphic videos, Luminate Marketing provides gracious service, follow-through, and the data to back up your investment.
Director of Communications, St. Luke's United Methodist Church
Suzi Pitts
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