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Our culture paints a grim future for young women met with unplanned pregnancy. They are often met with shame, fear, and an overwhelming sense that they have now ruined their futures. But God is all about second chances and new beginnings; the grace and love He extends is beyond comprehension. Our client wanted to create an event which celebrated women who have been met with unplanned pregnancy, chose hope instead of despair, and are now thriving. Hence, the new annual event name we dreamed into reality: “THRIVE.”

Donors and guests were invited to: “Hear their stories. Share in their victories. Celebrate their futures.” The Saturday afternoon event was a beautiful, redemptive experience – filled with stories of life transformation. What a privilege it was to honor and celebrate the women and children who have demonstrated what it means to THRIVE during and after unplanned pregnancy!

One of the women we honored and featured in the video our team showed at the event said, “When you set your mind to something and achieve it – it’s amazing, because when you’re stuck you can’t see a way out.  Overcoming those things has made me feel empowered. Now I feel like, ‘Wow, let me do more.’” – Khrysta, Caris client, college graduate, mother of Jada.

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