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Videos show it better than we could say it, it’s just that simple. Because of the short attention spans today, users are more likely to watch a 1-2 minute video than read multiple paragraphs of content on a website. In fact, kudos to you for reading this right now!

Research indicates that landing page conversion (eliciting the action you want the user to take) is on average 80% higher when there is a short, engaging video present. The short and engaging part is where we come in. We may be biased, but our video process and quality is second to none. Ask any of our clients: video is definitely an area in which our team will thrive on your behalf.

Any storyteller will agree that it all begins with the essence of the story you’re trying to tell. Interestingly enough, it might not be the story you think you should be telling, or have been telling for years. What matters is how well you are able to approach the story of an organization or individual, from the angle that will be most engaging and relevant to your particular audience. Video brings together multiple creative disciplines, and is a powerful tool.

Center for Enriched Living

Social Equality
The Center for Enriched Living asked us to produce a video highlighting that people with developmental disabilities can be fully included in the community and enjoy a good quality of life. We walked alongside them to dream of a future where every person is equal and valued.
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Motion Graphics

Church Intro
A creative church wanted us to develop a unique and compelling use of motion graphics to highlight a portion of scripture, producing an intro video. This video was ultimately leveraged in honoring their senior pastor at his anniversary celebration!
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Progressive Baptist Church

Sermon Series Preview
This church, located on the South Side of Chicago invited our team to help church leadership introduce a new sermon series to the congregation. The new series was designed to reach Millennials and address controversial, culturally-relevant topics.
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Caris in Uganda

We traveled to the other side of the world to capture powerful footage of what God is doing in Uganda, Africa. Our client, with a heart to pursue God's best for both women and children, is helping to rewrite the story of unplanned pregnancy with grace!
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Chicago Urban Youth

We developed this video for an impactful initiative to keep inner-city kids off the street during the most dangerous hours of the day. This video was utilized at a fundraising event and doubled this nonprofit's annual donor goal in one night!
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Cherry Hills Community Church

Saturday Night Service
Cherry Hills Community Church, located outside of Denver, Colorado, asked our team to develop a video as part of their "Make Room" Campaign. Alongside other media and marketing initiatives, we delivered this video to show on Sunday morning and announce the launch of a new Saturday Night Service!
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Circle Urban Ministries

Compelling Fundraising Video
Featuring three different students, all representing various ages within the programs of this nonprofit, was a creative and powerful lens through which to tell a larger story. When you watch this video, the opportunity in front of these kids, rather than the statistics behind them, are what shine through.
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A Story of Overcoming
In the face of adversity, some are able to overcome and thrive. This is the story of one such individual named Khrysta, who was unexpectedly met with pregnancy and decisions she never thought would be a part of her life. How she was able to overcome is a true example of perseverance and hope.
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Willow Creek Church

Inner-City Problems & Solutions
If there is a complex problem or project that needs broken down and explained in a consumable way, motion graphics is a great candidate. This video allowed Willow Creek Chicago to address the problems of their city, as well as the possible solutions, in an engaging and understandable way.
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Life on Life

Mentorship Spans Generations
When it comes to life-on-life mentorship and transformation that comes through focused attention, a video just says it better than words. In this piece, the audience is allowed behind the scenes and into the practice area of these inner-city kids, who are talented and full of potential.
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Hope for the Children

Orphans in India, Bolivia, & Nepal
This video required multiple plane tickets! Not only did we fly out of state to visit board members homes to get them on film, but we actually went all the way to India for footage and photography. When it comes to international story-telling, it's always best to experience the story firsthand if possible.
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OakPath Financial

How to Retire Ready
It can be hard to make financial planning and investment solutions exciting and true video-material. This video was a success because it exercised a thoughtful balance between b-roll, interview, and scenery to set the tone. What a great way to tell the story of your business and welcome users to a website!
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Fully Living with Disabilities
It can be tricky to get all the footage needed in a busy and flourishing environment like this, and there were many environmental factors we needed to be aware of and be sensitive to. But this organization was fantastic in getting us all the access points and interview spots needed to pull it off!
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Esperanza Motion Graphics

Creative Spin on Welcome Video
Once again, motion graphics comes through. We've found this is a great way to breakdown concepts and thoughts in a consumable way for audiences of all ages and perception levels. The best part about a video like this is that it can be used across so many different digital and social channels!
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Chain of Lakes Community Bible Church

Church Website Opening Video
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Unique Life Church

Motion Graphics
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