5 Marketing Trends to Watch

It’s a new year and a fresh start. Here are some tips on what we’ve noticed and anticipate will be trends to watch for!

  1. Mobile & Voice Search
    Mobile will no longer be the alternate way to access websites; instead it will become the primary way to access websites. Google is experimenting with making its index “mobile first” which means they will be looking at mobile content instead of desktop content when deciding how to rank search results. SEO experts will need to focus even more on the mobile experience than ever before. This also means that websites with a poor or nonexistent mobile experience may see a noticeable drop in search rankings.An additional SEO trend to watch for is Voice Search. Google Voice Search (or “Search by Voice”) is a Google product that allows users to simply speak into a mobile phone or computer to search the Internet. Voice Search is already improving and is one of the more popular technologies on the rise. We anticipate that as this technology grows, the need to optimize for spoken phrases will become even more critical.

  1. Google Ad Text Extensions
    Anyone using Google AdWords as a marketing channel may feel an effect from Google’s rollout of the new text messaging extensions for text ads. With this latest feature, users are able to communicate with businesses and organizations instantly without having to make phone calls or even go to their website.  Because users love to gather answers and receive information instantly, this will be an increasingly popular extension. The challenge will be for businesses and organizations to implement this type of text message-based communication as part of their business process.Tip: Focus first on incorporating new features such as Text Extensions into your business processes to ensure your team can deliver on them, before making them a marketing focus. So for this example, be sure you have a staff member readily available to answer and respond to texts on a timely basis before you go live with this new feature.
  1. Social Media LiveAs you’ve probably already noticed, Social platforms are constantly evolving as they try to create new ways of communication for their users. It is now predicted this year will be the year of the “experience” on social channels. As new gadgets are being introduced for organizations to create virtual realities for their audiences (i.e. Charity Water is engaging their donors with 3D goggles that invite supporters to experience the 3rd world environments they are building wells in), social media is doing the same. Facebook Live and 360 are new outlets that allow you to be a part of concerts your friends are attending, or to share photos of spectacular places you visit without being constrained to show the view in a small square. Instagram has also jumped onboard, picking up a Snapchat-like feature. Social media platforms are realizing the value their users find in engaging with their communities and friends in the moment – not in hindsight.So as you prepare for your year, invite audiences into live experiences with your organization, instead of them watching the memories they wish they were a part of making.
  1. Experiential Marketing PlansMarketing Plans will need to focus on both the digital and experiential. In a world that is increasingly experiential and where live stream is taking off in even greater ways across popular social platforms, it’s important to note that Marketing Planning will also be affected. Unlike traditional, one-way advertising, successful experiential marketing planning provides the ability for brands to authentically interact with their users. There are multiple benefits of such an approach; your service can be turned into something tangible and also better communicate the personality of your organization. Marketing Plans built for this year’s delivery will need to factor in both the digital and online experiences, paired with “real life” in-person influences. It won’t be enough in the coming months to send out mail, email, and social posts. Users are now asking more of us; they want to be in relationship and they want it to be live, like a real relationship is.Consider: Experiential Marketing has not just become an alternative or supplement to traditional media but a powerful leader in modern marketing planning.
  1. Three Design PreferencesReimagined RetroRetro has, by its very definition, been around for a little while. If you’ve looked around you’ve probably noticed that there is a Retro craze emerging, with a modern flare added. Retro fonts and modern color schemes create a really cool mix of old and new, which feels both foundational and current. Last year retro design grew on signage, product packaging, and infiltrated the corporate world. However this coming year it will take on a whole new life, and hand drawn illustrations will become more valuable as well.Minimalism in Fonts & TexturesSimplicity and functionality are not even the best features of Minimalism. It’s also clean and sleek, modern and inviting. Minimalism in fonts and textures don’t overwhelm the eye, but instead subconsciously communicate that you can engage and maybe even add something to a clean, organized palette. Apple is one of the most famous companies, along with Google, which intentionally opts for this “less is more” approach. Small but great, minimalism is here to stay for the long haul.

    Powerful Photos Paired with Thin Text

    Powerful photos have been a flagship of great design for years, however the emergence of sleek, thin text is a bit more recent. The modern nature of thin text, especially when showcased in capital letters is eye-catching, elegant, and stunning. Text and photography work together to create contrast and symmetry at the same time. Providing less text on marketing materials has been key for quite some time now, but the approach of also providing less when it comes to the font itself is on the rise. Expect this third design trend to grow the most of those listed here!

Well there you have it! A Roadmap for Marketing Trends! For more information on our thoughts and suggestions, or just to have a cup of coffee and a chat, reach out to our team.

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