4 Ineffective Ways to Use Google AdWords

We are huge fans of Google AdWords. It gives your company short term gains and an almost instant return on investment. However, not everyone should be using AdWords.

Here are 4 situations in which it is best to avoid Google Adwords:

Opt To Be Opt

You know how the mid-day coffee break is sometimes the highlight of your day?

We couldn’t agree more. However, we challenge you to have a different perspective. Let’s find the little things that don’t usually get our attention, and give them a huge “thanks.”

3 SEO practices that don’t work anymore (& 3 that still do)

Search engine optimization continues to be one of the most important things you can do if you have a website. How can you get people to visit your site if no one can find it? While some people would say that SEO is phasing out, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Unless Google ceases to exist, SEO will always be necessary. And we all know Google isn’t going anywhere!

Design Trends of 2016

Just like bell-bottom jeans, Beanie Babies, and the “long hair on top with shaved sides” haircut for men currently (all the ladies, you know what I’m talking about), trends are something our culture will always adopt for a day, age, and time. Even the term “trend” has a new definition in the social world: “A topic that is subject to many posts on a social media website within a short period of time” (New Oxford American Dictionary).

Priorities for Nonprofits in 2016

According to, there might be some differences within the workplace on where your company’s attention should be focused in 2016.

The Unfortunate Rep of Nonprofits

To be upfront, we’ll go ahead and give you the punch line:

Nonprofits, churches, and ministries tend to have something in common–a bad rap when it comes to marketing quality.

Free Design Resource

Often times when I’m in the middle of a design project, a brainstorm session, or curating content for a campaign, I wish I could hunt down the creator of Photoshop and have them download everything they know straight into my brain. I’m talking, “Let’s download your brain onto a flash drive, and then program it into my brain” …Please?

8 Ways to Avoid the “Case of the Mondays”

Even when you’re doing meaningful work, let’s be honest – it can sometimes be difficult to transition from a relaxing weekend back into the “swing of things” on a Monday morning at work.  But we’re not going to let that happen to you!  We’ve developed a list of methods proven to push aside the infamous “Case of the Mondays.”