Top 5 Free Apps for Nonprofits

We all use them to keep creativity, organization, and sanity in our lives:


But if you’re an employee or volunteer at a church or nonprofit, what apps are the best for your everyday to-dos at work? What apps will help you run efficiently? Spread your ministry effectively? Grow your capacity exponentially?

Don’t you worry. We have you covered–here are our top 5 favorite and most recommended apps for church and nonprofit clients:


Omnifocus is the one stop shop for teams or individuals looking to get things done. This management app helps you easily prioritize, delegate, and map out all initiatives that need to be accomplished in order to fulfill a goal or project. There is a bit of a learning curve because of the customizability and resourcefulness, but once you get the hang of it, your team may never live without it. It even has an Apple Watch app so you can always be in the know.



This simple app is really the way to go if you have a close-knit team working daily together. Crew helps everyone stay on the same page by making communications easy, trackable, and manageable. It allows you to text, create tasks, set up meetings, and track each person’s responsibilities (it even has “kudos” to give as encouragement along the way). Really, try it out with your department, ministry, leadership team, or group.



Looking to streamline your Social Media platforms, track analytics, and schedule out posts? Then Sprout is for you. The desktop platform is useful for data and reporting, however, if you’re looking for an app to schedule out all posts while you’re on the go, then you got to go with Sprout. The app even helps you keep track of your social media tasks and collaborate with those on your team.



Here we go again… Canva. It’s great! And the app is even greater! Able to accomplish everything the online version can do, the Canva app is just as easy to use for creating graphics, images, or designs. If Photoshop and Adobe platforms are out of your budget, Canva is FREE and has a great offerening of templates for you to already use. It’s like having a designer set the stage and allow you to dream up everything you envision for a graphic – right from your phone!



If you’re a church or individual managing the overall numbers from attendance, financial gifts, volunteers, salvations, and more, then Church Metrics will make your life so much easier. This app is an easy platform that allows you to see the small details on a weekly basis from the operations at your church or involvement from your congregation, then steps ahead to show you the big picture. This is definitely a resourceful tool for leaders to have and keep track of on an ongoing basis.

What about you? Is there an app you can’t live without? We’d love to hear! Comment below and app-solutley amaze us.

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